With the increased popularity of the internet, a new definition of “brand” came about.  For businesses, not only is your brand represented by what a customer sees in your ‘brick and mortar’ but the visual and possibly the experience is defined before they even walk in the door.

For an individual, your “brand” was once merely your occupation or interest; banker or trainer.  Now your brand is defined before someone even meets you.  People judging you by their first impression is no longer done face to face.

Social Media elevated one’s perception of “brand” to a level never seen before.  No longer was a brand ‘cool sneakers’, ‘great coffee’, or ‘nice guy’.  Businesses and people are not only judged by the physical, but now your website, Facebook page, which Snapchat filter you used, your review on Yelp and much, much more.

It’s hard enough running a business today in this competitive landscape without having to worry about websites, social, review pages, apps and the rest of the digital world.  As an individual, whether you have a ‘9-5’ or you’re in the media, you have a brand.  You are defined if not by you, then how you represent yourself in the digital space.

Fisher.Media looks at the holistic view of branding.

For businesses we look at your business as an outsider, first impression.  We look how it’s represented and viewed in the digital space.  Something as simple as the wrong hours of operation on your website can send that customer down the block to the next place.  We also look at the details: SEO, social media, claimed sites (Facebook, Google, Apple, Yelp, etc.).  We take a look at ways to increase eyeballs on your site and revenue at your business.

For an individual or ‘media talent’ we discuss what you’re trying to accomplish.  Is it an awareness of your personal training or trying to separate yourself from the other air-personalities in the market?  Then we see how you’re viewed in the digital space again as an outsider, from 30,000 feet.  How is your social? Surely a ‘#foodporn’ pic won’t drive a listener/viewer away, but if most of your Snapchats are selfies as you lick the screen with the dog filter, nobody is watching you…..purposely.  Do you have causes? How are you representing more than yourself?  Is your brand defined by your job? Or do you have a “true brand”?

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