My Opening Statement.

I am not an expert on social media, branding or programming media properties..  I think that anyone who says they’re an ‘expert’ either on their business cards or in their LinkedIn profile are not acknowledging that learning is a journey.  To say one is an expert is to state you know all about the subject.  I am always learning and growing and never feel that I can know all there is to know about one subject.  I was a programmer of radio stations, I consult small businesses and individuals with their branding, but I am always learning.  I learn from my surroundings, I am a viewer, listener and a reader.  Since I started in radio when I was 11 I always tried to sit in every department learning, even if just for an afternoon.  I wanted to see what made that department work, I just wanted to learn.

Yes, I was a programmer at various radio stations for over 10 years of my life, have been on-air for over 3/4 of my life in markets as big as NYC and moved into digital 6 years ago.  I grew in my position by learning, using common sense and my experiences.  The advice or direction that I offer in the following posts come from that…common sense and my experiences.  I am someone who sees things the way I see them and offers advice or guidance based on that.  If I am able to help small businesses correct issues that could be hindering growth, or give advice to air-talent that could help them fix small issues that could make them into superstars then I have done all I could ask for.

I have a lot of experiences and knowledge that some may not have and I hope I can help someone.  Take what you will from this site and these posts, add to them if you’d like by commenting.  Please ask questions where you see fit.  I don’t know it all but I hope whatever I do know, I can help you achieve whatever it is you attain.


Welcome to Fisher.Media.



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