Branding is not just about branding

As a small business, branding your image is not just about showing people who you are and what you do.  In many ways, branding for a small business involves increasing your footprint in ways you never thought before.  ROI (Return on Investment) is not just getting folks coming thru the door or checking out your website, it involves you going to where the people are.  As you review your digital strategy, you constantly need to evaluate if customers aren’t coming to you, how are you getting to them.

I consulted a restaurant that made crepes.  In evaluating their digital strategy and presence, I inquired as to why they weren’t utilizing UberEATS, Grubhub, DoorDash, Eat24, etc.  The answer: “Crepes don’t travel well”.  I said, well that’s nice, but you have a 30 item deep ‘to-go menu’ that doesn’t involve crepes, why can’t you deliver those items?  “They never thought about it”.  Such a small overlook had this business missing out on additional revenue and free marketing.

There are many examples like the one above, even for non-food types of businesses.  Have you claimed your Yelp business yet?  What about creating a profile on Foursquare which powers Twitter places?  Do you claim your business in Google and Apple maps?  Do you accept Apple or Android Pay?  Identifying yourself in the respective ecosystem allows users who utilize that type of payment system to easily find you.  Did you know there is a website you can go to if you support #ShopSmall which allows you to register your business and get free marketing materials?  Even Square users have access to utilizing couponing to their social media followers.

All of the options above allow you to increase places you can touch people.  The more people you expose your business to, allows for greater awareness.  In turn, you get a greater customer base and hopefully a greater revenue stream for you and your business.

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