Google AuthenticatorIf you own a business, built a brand or just created a social media account or blog, why do all that work if you’re not going to secure it?  In an earlier post I talked about creating a Digital Strategy plan which talked a lot about actually deciding what you will do and how.  One of the more important parts of a digital strategy is securing it.  I am sure you’ve heard about social media breaches with Facebook and LinkedIn, hacking of iCloud accounts and so on.  Some hacks have been due to phishing emails which try to trick you to giving up your username and password.  Other hacks are directly due to hackers getting into the databases of the companies we deal with and stealing username and password information.  Often times hackers access our data before we knew what happened.  No matter how the data is accessed, once someone accesses your account, game-over.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to secure your digital properties.

  • Websites:
    • Domain lock – When you ‘lock’ your domain, it prevents domain hijacking or unauthorized transfer.
    • Domain Privacy – Domain privacy is the ability to conceal your personal information from public WHOIS searches.  This is important not only so your personal info is not out there for the world to see, but it keeps SPAM mail/email away.  In addition, by having an email address exposed it could allow a way for a hacker to get to you (phishing scams, password resets).

2FA is another way to verify you are who you say you are.  2FA allows that even if someone gains access to your username and passwords, they would still need some other form of verification to get into your account.  Some other authentication measures include: text messages or emails w/ a code you need to enter; a code from an app like Google Authenticator; specific app (like Facebook) generated codes and more.  Thousands of websites including banks, investment sites, email, data backup sites and more utilize 2FA, check out a great list of who offers 2FA here.

The short list of sites that you need to secure with 2FA if your digital brand is important to you include:

Once you have set up 2FA on your digital properties the last part is to set up 2FA on the emails that support those properties.  What good is having 2FA setup if a hacker can use the old ‘forgot password’ link and gain access?

Time to set up email:

Personally, I find the Google Authenticator the best app for 2FA for most of my accounts.  As long as you find what’s best for you and your accounts are secure, that’s all that matters.