The days of ‘digital strategy’ being a term used to decide what social media platforms you will be on is gone.  It’s already 2017 and most businesses and individuals do not know what a proper digital strategy is let alone how to approach it.  Sports teams do not hit the field or ice without a game plan and most businesses do not open without a proper business plan.  Whether you are a business or an individual, your digital strategy should be as thought out as anything you do surrounding your brand now more than ever before.  Your digital properties are sometimes the first stop a shopper/listener/viewer makes to decide whether to do business with you or to continue to engage.

Creating and following a digital strategy for your brand costs nothing to do except for time.  A proper plan should include but not be limited to:

  • Identifying your target audience.
  • Choosing what platforms you will utilize to reach your shopper/listeners/viewer.
  • Asking yourself why will I be on that platform and what unique benefit will it have for my visitor.
  • SEO – Need to identify what your brand ‘is’.
  • Assigning resources. Who will update the event calendar on the website? Who writes the daily post? Who is scheduling social?
  • Figuring out what financial resources you have to put towards your digital properties. Website creation and maintaining. Digital advertising. To ‘app’ or not.
  • Plans for 3rd party sites: Yelp, Foursquare, Apple and Google Maps.
  • If you’re a business specializing in food, will you utilize UberEats, Grubhub, Amazon Restaurants.

For individuals, especially media personalities a lot of the same thought needs to go into your plan:

  • Identifying your target audience (should be close to who you target on-air).
  • Choosing what platforms you will utilize.
  • Asking yourself why should I be on that platform and what unique experience will I give to each.
  • Assigning your own resources to maintain your digital presence.  Create a content calendar.

How you represent yourself on social, what you provide or give to your audience in-app or on the web can quickly grow or crush your brand.  Word of mouth is now a click away.  Users WILL share. HOW and WHAT they share has a lot to do with how you put yourself out there.

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