Hello, my name is Fisher.  I have been in media for over 25 years, both on-air (radio and tv) and behind the scenes.  For 10 years I programmed radio stations and was hands-on for the ‘who, what, when, where, why and how’ of the brand for those radio stations.  From the sound coming through the speakers, to how we looked in the public, all of it reflected the stations brand.  I was the first in my company to change my title ‘unofficially’ to “Brand Manager” after recognizing that we did more than program stations, we were in charge of the perception.  Cox Media Group recently ‘officially’ changed the titles of all Program Directors to “Director of Branding and Programming”.

In addition to the branding/programming of the station on-air, I also oversaw their digital branding.  From the early times of just having a website, thru the beginning and expansion of social media, always making sure that we were on ‘what matters’ was a top priority.  I left radio programming in 2011 and became Cox Media Group’s first “Digital Content Manager”, overseeing the digital properties for our 5 Atlanta radio properties.  In this role I oversaw the strategies and branding of our digital properties for each of our stations.

Currently I am a Brand Developer for several on air (radio and tv) personalities in major and large markets.  In addition, I consult businesses on how to improve their brand through the digital space.  I also look to make sure their business priorities are reflected and reinforced with a strong and strategic digital plan.

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