Most small to medium size business want to grow or get better but are afraid to change. We have all heard the old adage “doing the same thing and expecting different results” is insanity. Sure you can go the route of not advertising and you might still get some walk-in traffic. Maybe you have had the same billboard on the same road for 10 years and are ok with the results. Things change, patterns change and most importantly people change. If you want to grow in this day and age you have to hit people where they are, not where you think they are. Data has become the new HOT word in marketing, yet it is only one part of the puzzle. Yes, it is helpful but not the silver bullet.

As an example, two recent projects we did were for local businesses. Both were complacent in there own right. They were constantly doing the minimal to get the word out they existed. By simply having a conversation with them about their goals and what results they expected we were able to activate a few digital campaigns in days.  Within 2 weeks both businesses saw an uptick in walk-in and web visitors and have since continued a strategic digital media plan.  Clearly, this is a very micro example but the point is by changing up what you think is working just a bit you can see greater results.

Let us help you get out of your rut, discover a new audience and increase your business. Sometimes the simplest things can create a big change.