At the first radio station I ran, somewhere along the line I started hanging signs all over the place that said “Zero Defects”.  I don’t really remember what the final issue was that triggered it, but I know it was because we just couldn’t seem to get out of our own way.  I felt like we got 2 steps forward in battle then pulled 4 steps back.  From staff late for work to promotions folk who forgot to bring prizes to the gig (or in one case forgot a frigging boat), it was extremely frustrating.  How can we focus on winning the game if we can’t even find the field?

I am sure all over the place you see things from businesses, (ones you frequent or even maybe your own) and you just wonder WTH is going on?  I experienced that recently when I went to my local coffee shop.  Like most, I love Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks but when I can, I like to support small businesses.  In the case of this coffee shop, there are 2 locations (neither are on the way to anything I do) and the coffee is more expensive than Starbucks but the coffee is good and it’s locally owned so I try to go when I can.

The picture below has 2 separate pics.  The bottom pic is a shot of business hours that’s hanging on the door of one of their coffee locations.  Below Sunday’s hours (got cut off) it says “Like our Facebook page for the most up-to-date hours and any unexpected closings.”  So a few Saturday’s ago I wanted some coffee, was in the area and knowing that no matter what, I can go to their Facebook page (the top pic) to find “the most up-to-date hours and any unexpected closings” I checked it out.  Great news, they’re open ’till 5:30p and it’s only 2:15p.  Guess what happened when I showed up 5 minutes later….if you guessed they were closed, you’d be correct.  

They go out-of-the-way to say the hours on Facebook are up to date and when you go there, they’re not.  Right there, they shot themselves in the foot.  A local coffee shop, down the street from Starbucks and they can’t accurately explain when they are open.  Not only did they miss business, the might’ve lost a customer but even worse gave their business to Starbucks in the process.

As you look around as a person who does business (air talent as an example) or as one who runs a business, how are you keeping yourself from putting 100% forward each and every time?  Inaccurate displays of business hours? Opening late? Showing up late to work? Crappy attitude?  Not preparing for work (show prep)?  Not preparing your blogs or social posts ahead of time?  Improperly trained staff?  The list can go on and on but every little thing can potentially keep you from a sale, a promotion or more importantly it can keep you from beating the competition.